Kütahya Çamlıbahçe Marketplace

Designed by ŞANALarc, Kütahya Çamlıbahçe Marketplace demonstrates how daily life rhythms generated by urban activities are enriching urban culture.

Yahşibey Design Workshops

Yahşibey Design Workshops #49 team presents ‘realizable’ design proposals for 2 abandoned village schools they developed as part of Yahşibey Design Workshops together with Nevzat Sayın and Herkes İçin Mimarlık Derneği.

Side By Side

Designed by Han Tümertekin and Collaborators for The 17th International Architecture Exhibition, Venice Biennale; Side by Side is enabling possibilities for co-existence at the water’s edges where “mobility makes place” (Jensen, 2009).

Hope On Water

Designed by SO? and Collaborators, Hope On Water is focusing on developing emergency houses with an interdisciplinary educational approach.


Designed by Superpool, Zümrütevler Square Interim Implementation is increasing pedestrian safety by shifting our angle to see the city from an elevation of a 3 year old. Yalı Square and bike path implementations aim to remove irregular parking to create a neighborhood square in front of a primary school facility.

Üçüncü Mekân

Üçüncü Mekân, designed by Elif Çeçen and Zeynep Tümertekin, is offering a constantly developing public space by various activities held by the communities, raising societal awareness
over environment, local culture and local makers.

Museum of Istanbul

Designed by Salon Alper Derinboğaz, Museum of Istanbul rethinks the notion of today’s museum as a living cultural center improving social interaction and wellbeing.

Palanga Art & Architecture Farm

Curated by Erginoğlu & Çalışlar, Palanga Art & Architecture Farm creates a collective architectural methodology that embodies a holistic culture merging art, agriculture and everyday life.


Designed, produced and established and by local architects, activists, stakeholders and the local community, Ilya’s Kuzguncuk Garden is reflecting how solidarity can play a key role to reclaim the right to use the public land.