Kütahya, Turkey

Kütahya Çamlıbahçe Marketplace

Designed by ŞANALarc, Kütahya Çamlıbahçe Marketplace demonstrates how daily life rhythms generated by urban activities are enriching urban culture.
Images: ŞANALarc

The design approach focuses on the human experience and embrace micro-narratives of urban place; the proposal includes pine gardens, terracing plazas stepping the sloping terrain whilst utilizing traditional building craft of stone and porcelain, extenuating view to historic monuments, increasing settings for socializing on market days, and providing quality public amenities such as toilets, event infrastructure, urban lighting, and underground public parking. Critical to our approach was encouraging citizens to regularly join in public programs and public life in the historic center. The master plan envisioned to accentuate the historic urban axis of activities, services, and shopping with two architectural commissions: the Market and the Cultural Center (library and performance center) at either side of this axis. These diverse cultural offerings aim to activate diverse audiences and encourage different generations to utilize the city’s cultural amenities. The Market’s lower street level (shop level) is for long lease stalls selling fish, dairy, and spices or dried foods, as well as hosting an indoor multi-purpose space. The upper street level (plaza level) is a covered multi-purpose hall for the one-day markets as well as for celebrations such as annual holidays, weddings, festivals, and related community activities like Ramadan iftar. The market will anchor the Pazar and support it with underground parking, storage, and sanitary stations. The timeline to open the public market and Pazar area is summer 2023.

Kütahya Çamlıbahçe Marketplace


Client: Kütahya Belediyesi

Design Team: Alexis Şanal, Murat Şanal, Alican Erol, Bassil Taleb

Engineers: ATTEC, AKIM Mühendislik, ESAN Mühendislik, Çakıltaşı Mimarlık, Ela Toprak Mimarlık, GTC Solar, Sönmez Mühendislik

Visuals & Graphics: Ibrahim Beqiri, Ahmet Fazıl Yenice, Asel Işlak, Mrine Godanca

Renders: Reşad Çoban, Bardhly Morina

ŞANALarc is a knowledge-centric design practice focused on civic and civil architecture, research and city-design situated in Istanbul. The firm explores how unique qualities of place, intertwined with technology, art and social life, generate distinctive and expressive environments. Intensifying space, celebrating the natural environment, and delighting the imagination are valued in each of the practice’s architectural endeavors. Professional efforts are focused on design as a contributor to civic society and nature by exploring cultural values, sustainable design principles, local ecology, natural light, geometry, local materials, and available craft and dexterity in construction methods. The studio was founded in 2002 by Murat Şanal and Alexis Şanal

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