About Commons & Communities

An Evolving Platform

This platform addresses the urgent need to think constructively about the future together, strengthen the engagement of local communities in the transition towards a sustainable world, and expose local initiatives for mutual inspiration on a global level, through the digital realm.

The basis of the platform is a digital version of the Commons & Communities physical exhibition, created by the Architecture Committee of the Danish Art Foundation in 2019. In addition to presenting Danish and international approaches in a simple and clear way, in a ready-to-print design in the format A3 – available for free here on the platform – the exhibition acts as an inspiring scenography for exchanges, collaborations and co-creations on the central question: How do we manage and preserve our common resources?

It will be an evolving platform, a virtual caravan that will accumulate solutions and perspectives over two years across Brazil, China, Turkey and the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) leading to a physical exhibition in Denmark in 2023, which will include local project highlights from the countries involved, as well as new Danish projects.

The local platform in Brazil was launched July 16th 2021, as a pilot, and the other countries launched their local editions in early 2022. Each edition is built locally, as there are big differences in what you can talk about, and work with, regarding this theme in these very different countries.

The physical exhibition in Denmark is produced in a partnership with the Municipality of Køge. It opens on September 1st in Køge and will be accompanied by the Municipality´s program of activities. You are invited, so stay tuned for more information soon!

Anders Hentze
Country Manager
Danish Cultural Institute, Brazil

Country Manager, Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil (DCI) since May 2020, previously Acting Head of Department, Deputy Head and Senior Advisor. Educated at The New School for Social Research, New York 1993-1997 (Fulbright Scholar), and RMC Conservatory, Copenhagen 1988-1992. Resident in Brazil since 2012. Created and produced an array of cultural projects for DCI, including the cultural program of the Danish pavilion during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Danish cultural institute

Danish Cultural Institute is a self-governing institution. Since 1940 we have been engaged in creating mutual understanding between people.

We believe that the art and culture are among Denmark’s most important assets.

Together with partners, we develop international activities that challenge boundaries and create mutual value and inspire. Especially when it comes to equal rights, education, sustainable development, democracy and active citizenship. Important values in the world and in Denmark.

Our vision is to show that the exchange of art, culture and knowledge can contribute to handling global challenges and strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals.

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