In the development of a new urban district between Køge city centre and the sea, community fellowship and social diversity go hand in hand with initiatives for climate protection, green spaces, and biodiversity.

Stacked Living Units

Stacked living units is the transition between the factory structure and the dissolved field of unplanned housing districts.

Læssøesgade School

The project aims to create a unity between the various users and age groups without compromising the specific needs of each group. Bumps, banks, and plateaus made from granite and concrete are combined with railings in order to facilitate new improved facilities for local skaters and parkour practitioners but also to create an inviting terrain for school children to play.


ONSITE GALLERY is a temporary architecture gallery presenting a number of exhibitions and events till the opening of the new Architecture School in Aarhus.

“This Way”

Transforming everyday street graphics into an unexpected trail and stage; creating a place with a minimal budget.


Housing facilities and roof top landscape. Tagkronen are 158 homes build in wood that are placed on top of a shopping centre creating a living community.