Aarhus, Denmark

Læssøesgade School

Photo: SNE Architects
The project aims to create a unity between the various users and age groups without compromising the specific needs of each group. Bumps, banks, and plateaus made from granite and concrete are combined with railings in order to facilitate new improved facilities for local skaters and parkour practitioners but also to create an inviting terrain for school children to play.
Photo: SNE Architects
Søren Nordal Enevoldsen
Partner: SNE Architects
“SNE Architects regard each project as an opportunity to release the inherent potentials of a place. The aim is to create places and spaces that possess a beauty of their own... Our environment should encourage us to challenge our interactions within the urban setting. This is a contributing factor in creating social sustainability. Amongst the finest duties of the urban space is to be the place where we are confronted with the unexpected and ‘the others’.”

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