In the development of a new urban district between Køge city centre and the sea, community fellowship and social diversity go hand in hand with initiatives for climate protection, green spaces, and biodiversity.


How a new organization was born from commonities.org´s first physical activity (see the #AgenteMuda project) and became a local place-maker specialist, who, in addition to carrying out its own visionary activities, also coordinated and produced the Vida Local Rio 2022 project.

Vida Local Rio 2022

A collective effort to support the transformation of a neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro into a more sustainable and resilient community.


WATER, PLANTING AND CARING FOR CHANGE – How a tree became the catalyst for the first activity of commonities.org, connecting UNESCO´s first and second World Capitals of Architecture.


In Vilnius, Lithuania “Miesto laboratorija” is a sustainable and environmentally friendly educational community centre with a community cafe, eco-innovation space, hydroponic and educational gardens, gallery, and outdoor DIY playground for children.