Riga, Latvia

Komēta Festival

Open-air culture and music festival on the island of Daugavgrīva Fortress.

With live music from various corners of the planet, DJ sets, workshops, lectures, exhibitions, and performances, Komēta is a unique and vibrant three-day event that embraces diversity and leaves long-term memories with its participants, by encouraging the freedom to think, choose, connect, create, and participate.

Since the first festival year in 2016, one of the goals of the festival has been to help revive the fortress as a place of culture and thinking and to stimulate public discussions about its future development.

During the festival in August 2020 the Komēta team organized additional events in the Daugavgrīva fortress. On Komēta’s Community Day, they invited participants to celebrate and revitalize the fortress together as a place of culture, thought, and community. It was a day to discuss across generations, languages, interests, and past experiences, and to create new, common, cultural, and artistic experiences that stand for differences, while allowing everyone to preserve their identity.

Developed in the framework of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region project UrbCultural Planning part-funded by the European Union (urbcultural.eu).


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