A new countryside?
Photo: Dominic Balmforth

ReDane proposes an alternative countryside for Denmark. Today, 62% of Denmark’s land area is used for agriculture. 40% of this area is used to grow food for pig production with 90% of the meat being exported. What is left for Denmark is a huge cornfield lacking in diversity and off limits to nature and public recreation.

  • The benefit to the common good (quality of life) and goods (economy vs. natural resource) is questionable. In the 1960s, pork exports made up 48% of the Danish economy, Today, they contribute only 8%.

ReDane reconfigures the economy model and changes the landscape in the process.

  • The proposal is based on a real case. On the Danish island of Bornholm, a pig farmer downsized his herd and released them from factory into forest. Here, they roam freely and forage from the forest floor. Less supplement fodder is needed, and far less acreage goes to cultivating corn.
  • Less meat of higher quality is sold at a higher price. Costs are lower and profit margins higher. Denmark gets both good food and the landscape back to fill with more diversity and more quality as a place to inhabit and enjoy together!
Dominic Balmforth
Partner: Susturb with Charles Bessard, Architect and Andreas Dalsgaard, Film Director
“When land, food and water are only commodities, the ecosystems they belong to are overlooked. Opportunities for nature-system to benefit people-system and vice versa are lost. 60% of Denmark’s land is taken up by pig-farming. Redane gives landscape back to nature and people and builds their systems to be interdependent.”

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