Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Food City – Eaten City

"What are you hungry for?" In the 1980s, this question became famous in Brazil after the release of the song called Comida, by the rock band Titãs. And the lyrics continued: “We don't only want food, we want food, fun and art….” Four decades later and this is still what “we want”.

This semester’s project approaches food in the city from this perspective, food as a nutritional basis for biological development, including its sociocultural and cultural dimensions.

We understand that in addition to the wide range of caloric and vitamin sources, we need to be nourished by examples, by gestures or actions, by desires and hope. In this context, art and culture become essential foods.

We need urban community gardens as well as carnival, the collection and distribution of abundant fruits as well as the clean sand of the beach.

We need to plant, cultivate, harvest, distribute, store, prepare, ingest, digest, and expel to fertilize new crops – sustaining a metabolic cycle where citizens feed on their cities, while at the same time becoming food for them.

What we will see are communities producing cities from this metabolic cycle of their common resources.

Guto Santos
Architect & Urban Planner
Brazilian architect and urban planner (FAU-UFRJ), postgraduate from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Master in Landscape Architecture (PROURB-UFRJ). Guto has worked extensively with participatory urban activism processes, such as the Baixo Rio collective which he formed in 2017. He was Coordinator of Engineering and Architecture Projects and Superintendent at the State Secretariate for Infrastructure and Works of the Government of Rio de Janeiro, and today he is co-leading the general coordination of the UIA2021RIO congress.

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