Commons & Communities

An Open Source Exhibition

The exhibition is free to download and print. Our intention is that the exhibition can become a growing open source commons in itself, by accumulating and connecting new examples of artistic practices and projects about commons and communities.

Ready to print

The exhibition is based on the commonly-shared A3 paper format, which makes it possible to print the exhibition locally depending on the context and resources available – whether you send it to a professional printer or use a simple office A3-printer.

To make it easy for you, the exhibition comes with a guide to print and setup as well as how to produce local add-ons.


The exhibition is ready to print, and we really hope that you will welcome this free initiative at your local institution or exhibition space.

If you are interested in exhibiting ‘Commons and Communities’, we would like to hear from you so that we can keep track of where the exhibition has been shown.

For inquiries, please contact

Download and print

To print your exhibition find the relevant download folder and choose optional add-ons. Refer to the separate guide explaining how to make an add-on exhibition.

Each folder contains all necessary PDF files to produce the given exhibition. Each file is available as a bleed or no bleed version to use for A3+ or A3 format printing.

The design templates for add-ons are available as Adobe InDesign packages. Write to for a link to the separate download folder with all the materials you need to create local add-ons.