The platform

This platform seeks to fertilize discussions and exchanges over the coming two years, as well as to present local solutions and perspectives, on the topics presented in the Commons & Communities exhibition presented here. It will involve a wide range of local actors in Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in an accumulative process culminating in a multimedia exhibition at the 28th UIA World Congress of Architecture in 2023 in Copenhagen.


How can art drive community building? How can art empower communities? And more crucially: how can art, architecture, and design meet the challenges facing our communities today?

With this exhibition, we seek answers. Artists and architects, sociologists and city planners, and theorists and practitioners across disciplines explore new projects, strategies, and tools for understanding and using common goods, values, places, and spaces we share.

Cape Town, South Africa

Commoning for Urban Justice

Learning from the Victoria Mxenge Women, Cape Town, South Africa.

Esbjerg, Denmark

6705 Project

Tina Ratzer has specialized in color workshops as a way to engage the community in creative processes.

Snested, Denmark

Playing with Lines

Artist Thomas Wolsing has created a garden for the senses on an empty site in a village in Thy.

Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark
Stacked Living Units
Aarhus, Denmark
Læssøesgade School
The World
Skill Fusion
Beijing, China


The Commons & Communities Platform will feature five local editions, each one containing the online exposition, print version and a platform for local collaborations, projects and exchanges in the following countries: Brazil, China, Russia, Turkey and one for the three Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).

Brazilian local projects opened September 2021, and Chinese, Turkish, Russian and Baltic local projects open in March 2022.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Food City – Eaten City
Juiz de Fora, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vale Encantado
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Mão na Jaca
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Vidigal’s Living Monuments

Pushchino city, Moscow region, Russia
Moscow, Russia
The Identity Center of the Beliayevo District
St. Petersburg, Russia
Waterfront / Water Line
St. Petersburg, Russia
Your Budget
Samara and other Russian cities
Tom Sawyer Fest
Nikola-Lenivets Village, Kaluga Region, Russia
Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

Riga, Latvia
Minecraft Riga
Visaginas, Lithuania
Visaginas stories
Riga, Latvia
Free Riga in Sarkandaugava
Riga, Latvia
Komēta Festival

İstanbul, Turkey
Side By Side
İstanbul, Turkey
Hope On Water
Anadolu Hisarı, İstanbul, Turkey
Office Building In Goksu
Zümrütevler, İstanbul, Turkey
Zümrütevler Square Interim Implementation
Kemerburgaz City Forest, İstanbul, Turkey
Üçüncü Mekan
Topkapi, İstanbul, Turkey
Museum of Istanbul
İstanbul, Turkey
HEY! Imaginable Guidelines
Bayburt, Turkey
Baksi-Hüsame Köklü Women’s Community And Production Center
Erzincan, Turkey
Palanga Art & Architecture Farm
İstanbul, Turkey
Kuzguncuk Urban Garden

CaiZhai Village, Zhejiang Province, China
Tofu Workshop
Xiaobao Village, Beijing, China
Xiaobao Village Micro Landscape Design
Jiapengxiang, Anhui Province, China
Village Lounge of Shangcun
Fachang Village, Guangdong Province, China
Fa Chang village community center
Great South Slope Village, Henan Province, China
Great South Slope

Participate in the debate

Follow what is going on in Commons & Communities internationally and meet across countries on our Instagram.

You can also leave a comment to a project here on the site. Just register and follow the instructions.

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