BOOMBOX is a prefabricated, modular kiosk installed in high volume public spaces to provide nomadic retail opportunities for entrepreneurs and community activators.

Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative

The Dorchester Art + Housing Collaborative is mixed income housing for artists and community members with the intent of fostering dialogue and collaboration between both groups.

Ride It Sculpture Park

Power House Productions is operated by long-term residents of the Davison/Conant area, who view “engagement” with other neighborhood residents not as an added task but an essential component of living here.

Cabbage Patch

The first official Danish contribution to the Chicago Architecture Biennial in 2019.

McKinley Park

The McKinley Park Community Play Garden is an engaging and innovative nature play garden located adjacent to the McKinley Park Library, southwest of downtown Chicago.

Tom Lee Park

The new Tom Lee Park transforms a significant piece of Memphis’ Mississippi river front into a signature public space, where community life can flourish along the water’s edge.

Avis + Elsmere

‘Inside Southwest Detroit’ is a collection of initiatives that promote youth and community development.

Detroit Cultivator

A 6-acre landscape that combines food production, cultural activity, and civic assets to strengthen the social and economic fabric of the community.

Sweet Water Foundation

Sweet Water Foundation’s work is a direct response to the everyday chaos of economic hardships, violence, perpetual poverty, and systemic racism that pervades these communities.