Founded on July 1st, 2022, World Architecture Day, Instituto Agente Muda (I AM) arises as a new manner to think about the relationship between cities and architecture. The planting of the World Capitals of Architecture’s seedling, in September 2021, represented the ground zero of this project.


The APER (Friends of the Ecological Park of Rocinha) collective is turning the park into a space of confraternization and reflection, helping overcome the traumas and needs of the community.

Vida Local Rio 2022

Suspended in 2020, The Vida Local Rio project resumed activities two years later and in a new location: the Praça da Bandeira neighborhood. While adjacent to Rio Comprido (the neighborhood chosen for the 2020 project), Praça da Bandeira has a dynamic of its own.

Vida Local Rio 2020

In 2020, at the invitation of the Danish Cultural Institute in Brazil, Jesper Koefoed-Melson brought to Rio de Janeiro (then the World Capital of Architecture) his savvy method for strengthening local communities: the Vida Local project.


The gesture of planting a small tropical tree in a favela in Rio de Janeiro represents the symbol of planetary reflourishment.

Fábrica Bhering

Located in Rio’s port zone, the Bhering Factory became, over the last decades, one of the most relevant shelters for the artistic and cultural production of Rio and Brazil.


Tiradentes Cultural is a festivity in Rio’s downtown, surrounded by stories, memories, but also amnesias. It’s a popular and collective construction that, by celebrating the present, helps rebuild the past and preserve a desirable future.

Food City – Eaten City

“What are you hungry for?” In the 1980s, this question became famous in Brazil after the release of the song called Comida, by the rock band Titãs. And the lyrics continued: “We don’t only want food, we want food, fun and art….” Four decades later and this is still what “we want”.


“PRAIA is a teaser, a delight, a well-deserved relaxation…,” explains Leticia Nabuco, creator, director, and performer of this project, along with many other artists and citizens. PRAIA has the city center of Juiz de Fora as its stage, scenario, and provocative body. “… we are interested in indulging in what we call a ‘state of beach’, and celebrating, joyfully, the beauty of all bodies,” the director complements.

Vale Encantado

The rural community in the heart of the forest in the center of the metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, that chose to become an ecological model of self-management.