Xiaobao Village, Beijing, China

Xiaobao Village Micro Landscape Design

This project is one of the first projects to be launched in the renovation and upgrading of the Xiaobao Art District, serving the community, integrating art and facing the future. This project is also a node of the large renovation and upgrading area, which is a landscape system with "Xiaobao Cultural Square".
Photos: Bai Yu, Yang Chaoying

The urbanization process, the planning of Beijing’s urban sub-center, the Xiaobao South Street in the planning scope, the project belongs to the sub-center, in the promotion of urban outreach construction, but also continue to transform the original residents’ way of life, urban activities on the town of rural street space requirements. Township urban development and human activities change mutual influence, interaction and mutual promotion are collided in this one micro landscape design. Art not only changes the lives of villagers, but also changes the life trajectory of the artists themselves. Songzhuang provides a shelter for artists, and artists dedicate their artistic lives to Songzhuang, in this sense: all artists of Songzhuang are villagers here. Two-way thinking, not only must not interfere with the daily life of the surrounding residents, but also must give play to the characteristics of the site, and gift the natural attributes of the park as well as the fun to the residents, so that the landscape and practicality can achieve symbiosis and balance in a neighborhood life where the architectural design is full of harmonious neighborly relations.

Design Studio
Partner: Beijing Songzhuang Investment Development Co., Ltd

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