Jiapengxiang, Anhui Province, China

Village Lounge of Shangcun

The village lounge in Shangcun is a renovation project from the ruined courtyard into a public space, providing leisure and multi-used space for both local residents and tourists. The project is marked by the government as an exercisable and regional approach and a starting point of the preservation and sustainable development of this traditional village.
Photos: Xia Zhi

Taking the Bamboo Pavilion as the entry point, this project selects the traditional Gao architecture and the surrounding environment in the center of Shang Village for further transformation to solve the problem of insufficient tourism infrastructure and public activity areas. The project base site is located in the old Gao family house in the front street of Shang Village. The main body of the old house has collapsed due to years of disrepair, leaving only part of the exterior wall and the terrace floor of the old house interior and patio. The project is to activate and utilize the abandoned and collapsed courtyard of the old house of the Gao family, turning waste into treasure. The space covered by a vaulted roof with six bamboo umbrellas provides a public space for villagers and visitors to rest and chat, and a public space for entertainment and gathering, and also functions as a gathering place for villagers and an exhibition hall for village history and culture. At present, the project has become a landmark public activity area in Shang Village, which has greatly increased Shang Village’s tourism income. At the same time, the project has also driven the development of the village’s special agricultural and sideline products and handicrafts, driving Shangcun’s tourism into a virtuous cycle.

The Shangcun Bamboo Canopy Hyangtang Project project has become an important activation point for the protection and development of Shangcun’s traditional village, laying a good foundation for the further development of the village’s industry. At the same time, the project will also become an important place for villagers to organize recreational activities, exchange opinions and chat, which will play a positive role in promoting interpersonal relationships among villagers and activating the village’s folk capital.

SUP Atelier
Partner: China Academy of Urban Planning & Design, Professional Cooperatives for the Protection and Development of Shangcun Traditional Villages in Jixi County

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