CaiZhai Village, Zhejiang Province, China

Tofu Workshop

Caizhai Village is a traditional mountain village built along both banks of a river over the past two hundred years. The village has always been known for its best tofu production in the county region. But the products from the traditional family workshops could not fit into current food certificate standards to be able to sell in supermarket.
Photos: Wang Ziling / Han Dan

The new Tofu Factory in Caizhai village is to upgrade the tofu product fitting with food certificate standards by integrating the original individual family workshops. It is also to restore the village identity by showcasing the traditional tofu making as village intangible cultural heritage.

The assembly timber structure creates a dialogue with the traditional “tenon and mortise” wooden structure in the village. The building requires a simple maintenance operation while maintaining regional cultural characteristics at the same time.

The factory is also a social structure: two villager unions are established, one as production union to operate the factory, the other one to grow organic soya beans to ensure the quality of raw material.

The factory has not only inspired a more ecological agriculture, but also transformed the individual farmers’ households into collective entity to engage in the market economy.

DnA_ Design and Architecture
Partner: SongYang County Dadongba Town CaiZhai Village Share Economic Cooperative

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