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Skill Fusion

Photo: Skill Fusion with Riikka Peltola 2020
SKILL FUSION is a simple way for professional artists to create solid, new friendships with the artists they respect the most. In a skill fusion, we get a break from deadlines and business agendas in order to play and learn about the incredible skills of our partner, which means: learning about your new friend. Together, we are stronger - through engagement” @emdalstudio
Photo: Skill Fusion with Riikka Peltola 2020
Signe Emdal
Partner: Emdal Studio
“Coming from a textile art practice and exploring my sensitivity while working in artist communities, I became interested in how to use Instagram to create a more solid artist community. I began reaching out directly to artists I greatly admire. I asked them to engage in “playful skill fusions” with me, merging our chief skills to create completely new work together. It turns out that engagement is the key to this and that connection grows out of creating new work together.”

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