Juiz de Fora, Brazil


“PRAIA is a teaser, a delight, a well-deserved relaxation…,” explains Leticia Nabuco, creator, director, and performer of this project, along with many other artists and citizens. PRAIA has the city center of Juiz de Fora as its stage, scenario, and provocative body. “... we are interested in indulging in what we call a ‘state of beach’, and celebrating, joyfully, the beauty of all bodies,” the director complements.
Leticia Nabuco

WATER CITY – Considering the way that coastal cities influence the social imagination and the desires of the population of Juiz de Fora (a countryside city of Rio State), PRAIA raises questions such as: how do Juiz de Fora residents deal with body exposure, and the diversity of bodies? What do they allow themselves to do (or not) here, or when they go travel on vacations? As it recreates this free, democratic space, of sun-and-sand enjoyment, from the seaside in the city center of Juiz de Fora, the project proposed a displacement of interest: from the contemplation of the sea to the contemplation of the urban scape and its behavioral protocols.

Its first appearance caused a big impact on social media (locally and nationally), involving both moral and political issues. The participant artists and local authorities themselves (which have sponsored the project) have been victims of attacks and threats, which led to the interruption of the second PRAIA performance foreseen in the contract. But PRAIA moved forward, now with an even bigger number of supporting artists, institutions, and sympathizers. It promotes parades with both artists and citizens wearing bathing suits, like a riot of bikinis, bodies, colors, and joy across the streets of Juiz de Fora.

Artists and citizens participating at PRAIA: @mercurioliquidoperformance@meloayslan@thalitareisdance@meninoaguaviva , @c0xxta@jnn.ladeira@fofa_piranha@oguilhermequeescreve@rebecalima_____ , @thais.yoga.circo@pedradaolegitimo@marcoraphaelnunes /@studiogalaxi , @dudusaleme , @silvana_marquesjf / @estacao_cultural , @sol.mourao

Leticia Nabuco
Dancer and Educator
“As an artist, I work in the areas of dance and performance, with incursions through the scenic arts and video. I’m particularly interested in the juxtaposition of artistic languages, the body/city relationship, political/corporeal issues implicated in the relations of the diverse contexts where I work, and partnership and dependence games with the audience”.

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