Snested, Denmark

Playing with Lines

Artist Thomas Wolsing has created a garden for the senses on an empty site in a village in Thy.
Photo: Thomas Wolsing

The public may play on this monumental work, consisting of 2 used train tracks and a number of stepping posts placed above 950 blooming lavender plants. The rust-red tracks hover above a ’basin’ of lavender in bloom, bees, and butterflies, which stimulate various senses in a blend of buzzing insects and botanical aromas and powerful blue flora. The movements of the public in the garden emphasize the contrast between play and ’linear monumentality’. The unfettered play of the public in the garden stands in contrast to the heavy train tracks, which help point out the town’s important role as a railway and a trading center through the ages.

The work is part of the KulTHYvator village art project, which is an urban renewal project in which empty lots are provided with innovative art projects in peripheral regions of Denmark. Here, art, urban space, landscape, and history are tied together in new places – “recreational platforms”. All for the pleasure and use of village residents.

Thomas Wolsing
Partner: Wolsing Art & Communication
“I am focused on artworks and projects which work on the artistic potentials of the abandoned villages and places far from the cities. Here we have problems with people moving away from this area. The gap between the cities and the coutryside is getting bigger and bigger - which is a global problem. Changing this direction is the focus in my artwork."

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