Roskilde, Denmark

Museum of Contemporary Art

Photo: Longfei Wang
A collaboration with the science festival Bloom in 2018 -2019, led to out presentation of “Far Out Quantum Technology ~ Cosmic Gong Vibration”, by artist Lea Porsager. Participators did the “Ego Eradicator”, a Kundalini yoga exercise, followed by a gong bath.
Photo: Longfei Wang
Birgitte Kirkhoff
Museum Director
Partner: Museum of Contemporary Art, Roskilde / Museet for Samtidskunst
“The Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde is located in a Baroque building, which may sound grand (!), but actually has very limited space. Therefore, we also work as a distributed museum, being present on both digital and physical platforms. We collaborate with different types of actors and institutions and aim to make art available and accessible for a larger community, being present where people are.”

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