Kolding, Denmark

Monument of Stitches

Monument of Stitches - A Social Art Project was created in 2015 and consists of several knitted triangles, created by 700 people knitting side by side.
Trapholt Museum of Modern Art Kolding. Photo: Christoffer Askman

Individual contributions are gathered together into massive collages and transformed into six large-scale installations in Berglund’s aesthetic. Monument of Stitches is an investigation into how material, texture, and color come together and form spatial environments and how the identities of many people may be layered in a hand-knitted surface. There is an extensive focus on how the yarn creates alternating transparency and density and how the surrounding space is impacted by the installation. The work stands as a materialization of the time and collaboration behind its creation, but it is also intertwined with Berglund’s artistic expression and continuous examination of the limits and potential of yarn as a medium. Monument of Stitches suggests how a new sensibility towards materials may forever be negotiated and interpreted. The purpose of Monument of Stitches is to encourage a renegotiation of power and things we thought we knew and a recognition of people with whom we did not think we were connected.

Isabel Berglund
With textile as a medium and hand-knitting as a tool, the goal is to connect and make art that embraces the identity of the participants. Isabel Berglund works with relational aesthetic artworks in which the relationship between the work and its surroundings is primary and the artwork creates social relationships between people instead of (solely) between aesthetic objects.

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