Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mapa-Muro is the intervention on an external wall/facade located in a favela, at the headquarters of a social project, NGO, or institution. This intervention was conceived in 2018 by SOAR Estúdio, a collective from urban peripheries, and consists of the reproduction of the map of the favela where the project is carried out, in the form of a mosaic of shards of brick and tiles, complemented by paint and pigmented grain.

The work seeks to bring out the local identity through the possibility of the residents’ perception of a different perspective from the one they are used to – the pedestrian view. Thus, with art and cartography, residents can feed themselves with a sense of belonging and spatial location. The Mapa-Muro is made in a joint effort with architecture students, partners, and residents of the region. Subsequently, an affective memory workshop is held with the children assisted by the project/NGO/institution, culminating in the production of paintings made by them next to the map, illustrating the place where they live/things they love. Thus, in addition to them externalizing their perceptions through art, the action brings playful moments with the map, feeding each one’s sense of location and expanding their understanding of the region in which they live. Its pilot version was carried out in Rio das Pedras, Rio de Janeiro, in 2018, on the facade of the Social Project Semeando Amor headquarters, which received in 2020 the Local Actions award, from the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro. As a result of the award, a book/manual was created with the intension to help bring the “Mapa-Muro” initiative to other favelas.

The pilot version of Mapa-Muro in 2018.
SOAR Estúdio

Gabrielle Rocha
Holds a master’s degree in Urbanism at PROURB/UFRJ, researcher at LabIT/UFRJ (Laboratory of Temporary Interventions and Tactical Urbanism), Architect and Urbanist (PUC-Rio, 2015, PROUNI full scholarship recipient). She has an interest and experience in temporary urban interventions and urban art performances, as well as participatory projects, urban photography, and videos, having directed two documentaries on urbanism. Her experience with urban work in favelas, in addition to her studies and interest in the subject, has been recognized with awards from the IAB-RJ (Brazilian Institute of Architects, Rio de Janeiro) and the Municipal Secretary of Culture of Rio de Janeiro.

Tainá Galdino
Architect and Urbanist, graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, student of the Extension course at PACC-UFRJ Universidade das Quebradas in 2017 and 2018. Since 2013 she has been working in the area of temporary architecture for national and international sporting events and festivals.

Fernanda Ferreira
Architect graduated from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, scholarship holder of the Science Without Borders program with split-side degree at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. Since 2017 she has worked in an architecture firm based in Copenhagen and Norway.


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