Riga, Latvia


Somewhere in the south of Riga, Latvia there is a little, wild, lush, and uninhabited island. Called “Krūmiņsala” or the “Little bush island”, the place can only be visited by boats or rafts. Despite the seclusive character, this green island has already hosted two events in the series of Sansusī evenings in Riga where adventurous performances of classical and electronic music, theatre and circus mix up to become a unique experience.

The organizers of the Krūmiņsala events are the people behind the adventurous and performative Sansusī festival. Their modus operandi is the same in both – an alternative chamber music mixed with contemporary stage art forms – circus, dance, theatre and performance art. Great attention is paid to the presentation of works of art, which results in their display in non-traditional places and forms. One of the greatest joys of the organizers is the joy of experimentation, which often surprises the audience.

Although open only for a day every year, Krūmiņsala still has become one of the greatest examples of placemaking, revitalizing, DIY and cultural planning synchronized together with nature! We hope the festival will uncover more ways of enjoying the island.


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