Great South Slope Village, Henan Province, China

Great South Slope

A rural cultural revitalization project covering a number of community creation programs such as nature education, social aesthetic education, place-making, architectural revitalization, and exhibition practice.
© Zhao Zexu

In the past two years, in addition to the “Caterpillar” children’s installation and the “Da Nan Po” landscape installation, a number of public places and streets have been renovated one after another. Some landslides and retaining walls with safety risks have been repaired or reinforced. On the one hand, we respect the local living habits and preserve the space behind the villagers’ houses for agricultural activities such as drying cereals and agricultural products; on the other hand, the corners of some houses and streets, or around public buildings, are organized into gathering spaces with benches and shade, providing convenient and multi-purpose places for outdoor rest, chess playing, stalls, festivals and other public activities. In the process of renovation, some villagers have transformed their residences into B&Bs, restaurants, and courtyards, drawing on and complementing each other in terms of material use and construction techniques with the public landscape. The children of Nanpo Elementary School (including the grandmothers of the village), use the landscape installations for games and fitness, making these designs part of Nanpo village life.

Location: Great South Slope Village, Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province
General Planning: Z+T STUDIO / ZUO JING STUIDO
Architectural design: ANT ARCH; approach architecture studio
Landscape design: Z+T Studio
Other consultants: Z+T Art Studio
Concept and design phase (year):
Phase I Design: 2020.9 – 2021.10
Phase II design: 2021.10-
Execution phase (year):
Phase I implementation: 2020.9-2021.10
Phase II implementation: 2022.3-
Square meters (surface and gross total): The whole area of Da nan po Village
Type of financing (ie public, private, shares etc): Government public funding
Photographer(s): Z+T Studio; Zhu Rui; Yangyu jianzhu

Zuo Jing Studio
Partner: Xiuwu County Meishang Cultural Tourism Investment Co.

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