Beijing, China

Fun Farm Fam

A natural farmland in the city and a nature education programme for children aged 2-8 years.

The designer opens a natural farmland in the city and sets up a nature education programme for children aged 2-8 years. The content includes nature science, animal conservation, food education, creative woodworking, and so on. Get children outdoors and get their hands dirty. In the hands-on activities, they will find a way to learn that suits them. Unlike traditional education, children are able to learn to express, create and experience in nature.

The Farm also provide a special land which is created on the farm and leased to families at an appropriate price. Just like the civic farms in Germany, where adults can also be children again and experience the joy of farming. When the family is away, there are also dedicated farmers who carry out the daily maintenance and care to ensure that the crops grow properly. Families usually rent for 3 months so that after planting the seeds in the spring, they can harvest themselves in the autumn and experience the whole process from planting to growing. This is a completely different experience to life in the city. It can be a joyful experience for citizens to go back to the basics.

Partner: Archiland Consultant International Pte. Ltd
Mr. Morten Holm has more than 25 years of comprehensive professional experience in Scandinavia, Europe and Asia, and 20 years of transdisciplinary working experience in China. His designs won not only international awards, but also the trust of clients. Through multidisciplinary design approach, Morten provides balanced solutions for complex issues, which can meet academic requirements and can apply the design to actual implementation. As the Design Director of architecture and urban planning departments in ARCHILAND, he leads and inspires the team to carry out integrated sustainable design, which balances the vision and pragmatism in the project design.

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