Fachang Village, Guangdong Province, China

Fa Chang village community center

This project was originally built to provide a renewed community space for the elderly and children, while honoring the culture of the ancestral hall.
Photos: Zhang Chao

Fa Chang Village is an area where the Hakka people of Guangdong live together. In the early years, the Cantonese stayed here and built the Zhongshan Memorial Primary School and the Ancestral Hall as the public buildings of the village. Nowadays, most of the young and middle-aged people in the village go out to work, leaving behind mostly the elderly and children.

The community center, after design, is made of wooden structure. The form refers to the sloping roof of the old houses in the village. The walls are made of old bricks and tiles as materials. Considering that the main users are the elderly and children, the indoor wooden floor is seamlessly integrated with the outdoor brick surface to ensure the safety of use. The sloping angle of the roof is also well thought out to ensure a stable and comfortable light.

All in all, the design retains the characteristics of Murano’s landscape base and incorporates natural and local materials – wood, brick, tile, etc. The design intervenes in the site in the form of “nature”. It creates a warm shelter for the elderly and children left behind.

Dongxiying Studio, CCDI
Partner: Shenzhen Pengrui Real Estate Development Co. LTD

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