Esbjerg, Denmark

6705 Project

Tina Ratzer has specialized in color workshops as a way to engage the community in creative processes.
Photo: Torben Meyer

The 6705 + DANISH ARTS FOUNDATION [6705+STATENS KUNSTFOND] project is an art project with public involvement and a focus on process that aims to create a common artwork for the area.

Starting with a common walking tour in the an area of Esbjerg, Tina Ratzer has invited the public, young and old alike, to select colors from their residential area, as well facades, tools, and pavement from which a common design process has been pursued on the drawing board of a children’s club and an elder’s center.

Tina Ratzer has held color workshops in which the public has learned to mix their chosen colors from the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue. In an interplay with simple shapes from local buildings, the harbor, and area windmills, colors and shapes are merged into compositional works that pave the way for outlines of decorative artworks for gables in the area under the name Gallery 9. The works are expected to be realized before the end of 2020.

Tina Ratzer
Partner: Ratzer
“Through color workshops I use myself as a tool to create presence. I involve children, young people and elder people in the area I work to take part and responsibility in the design process and together we develop one-of-a-kind decorations for their area.”

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