Vilnius, Lithuania


In Vilnius, Lithuania “Miesto laboratorija” is a sustainable and environmentally friendly educational community centre with a community cafe, eco-innovation space, hydroponic and educational gardens, gallery, and outdoor DIY playground for children.

Started as a community greenhouse, the participants of “City laboratory” realized they share similar values and interests – community, love of nature, ideas for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Since then, the centre is grown into its own ecosystem, organizing various open and educational events for the local community – Neighbours’ Day, Harvest Festival, Restaurant Day, Christmas wreath weaving workshops, and finally – the Christmas Fair. “City Laboratory” is often named as one of the most successful social businesses in Lithuania.

The biggest asset and support of the “City Laboratory” are the local people, the inhabitants of Antakalani, who not only helped to create this place with their own hands, but also actively contribute to its development to this day. And this is not only help with things, but also active participation in the creation of content. The creators of the place say that their goals are simple: “to gather and activate the community and contribute to the spread of ideas for a more sustainable, greener lifestyle!”


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