Somewhere in the south of Riga, Latvia there is a little, wild, lush, and uninhabited island. Called “Krūmiņsala” or the “Little bush island”, the place can only be visited by boats or rafts. Despite the seclusive character, this green island has already hosted two events in the series of Sansusī evenings in Riga where adventurous performances of classical and electronic music, theatre and circus mix up to become a unique experience.


The Residency and workshop centre SERDE is located in a small Latvian town close to the west Baltic coast – Aizpute. It was founded in 2002 as a platform for international and cross-disciplinary collaboration.

“Baltic Stories” Guidebook

The guidebook “Baltic Stories” features 30 stories from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, exploring the relationship between culture, place and people, complemented by original works by emerging Baltic photographers. The publication demonstrates the diversity of cultural processes and the impact they can bring to place development, and vice versa — how space shapes cultural processes. This […]


Community gardens as the engine for placemaking, place reclaiming, and social innovation.

Minecraft Riga

Involving children and youth in exploring their neighbourhood via gaming.

Komēta Festival

Open-air culture and music festival on the island of Daugavgrīva Fortress.