Pushchino city, Moscow region, Russia


"Point190" is a creative association formed in 2019 in Pushchino, a city of scientists and an architectural monument of Soviet modernism, which became the materialization of ideas brought from scientific utopias. "Point190" is a team that consists of architects, designers, musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and young scientists, for whom it is important to preserve and develop both the appearance and the atmosphere of such a peculiar phenomenon as naukograd or "science city".
Concert on the opening of the new sign of the House of Scientists, 2020

The community is focused on the active promotion and popularization of the image of Pushchino as naukograd with its unique architecture and ambience. The team arranges various cultural events, excursions to prominent city locations, and creates and unites local communities.

In 2021, with the help of “Point190,” the application submitted by the community of Pushchino won the federal funding competition named “Small Towns and Historic Settlements” from the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, thereby securing financial support for the development of “Tabletka” space.


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