Nikola-Lenivets Village, Kaluga Region, Russia

Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

In 2000, artist Nikolai Polissky announced the launch of the festival "Archstoyanie" in the Nikola-Lenivets village, and soon artists started gathering there, making the area more and more attractive for the development of Land Art or environmental art.
An art object "The Firebird," Nikolai Polissky, 2008

Land art in this case is a collaborative work of the artist Nikolai Polissky and the farmers, the people of local villages. They construct objects from natural materials: snow, vines, firewood, hay.

Architects and artists from various Russian cities come to the festival every year to create new installations, while the rest of the year the art park is visited by tourists from Russia and abroad.

Art object “Lighthouse” by Nikolai Polissky, 2004
Nikolai Polisski

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